Tax reports matters

New immigrants: new immigrants in the first year tax return denotes compulsory PAPER FORM can not filing their returns online.
The first year of the new immigrants from time to declare overseas assets.
Both husband and wife tax returns, data collection is complete, fill out a tax form.
Outside the normal tax of the new immigrants, exceptions to fill in a form to apply for government GST refund.


Ordinary personal tax returns: name, address, social security number, date of birth, marital status, family member's name, date of birth, and social security number, all tax-related forms, such as T4, T5,, T5007, RRSPs Slip The last year of the NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT (in order to check the amount of RRSP contributions), T2202A, rent or land tax certificate, child care costs, monthly passes, medical expenses, all kinds of charitable donations of receipt.

Self-employed income tax: gross income (one year total income or commission income), the overhead include: restocking fee at the beginning and the end of inventory, advertising costs, accounting and attorney consulting fees, bad debts, licenses, business taxes, bank interest and service fees, wages and salaries (including CPP and EI), commercial insurance, maintenance costs, meals and entertainment expenses, rent, travel, rent, telephone bills, rent, utility costs, car costs (including gasoline, car repairs, insurance and parking fees, car wash fees and vehicle license fees), total mileage, business car mileage, car loan interest, depreciation expense.

Rental income tax returns: rental income, and housing rental expenses: advertising costs, rent, loan interest, utility costs, maintenance costs and management fees (CONDO or town houses). Housing area and the occupied area.

Capital gains tax: carry trading summary table

Students and refugee returns: there shall be the Provisional Tax File Number (ITN, If you have previously been reported to tax, there should be ITN, which is a 9-digit number beginning with 0). If neither a social security number nor a temporary tariff, please bring a copy of your passport and on the PERMIT, we help you apply for a temporary tariff.

Taxable income and the corresponding T-table:
T4: Last year you worked for employer-provided and send you
T4E: receive EI last year will receive this form
T4RSP: account withdrawals from the RRSP, there will be this table
T4A (OAS), T4A (P): collar of old age and pension table
T5: receipt of stock dividends or interest on bank deposits, interest in this table may not be less than 50 yuan, but still need to report interest income
T5007: received workers' compensation payments or social welfare payments
T3: Fund dividend dividend
T2200: If you need to declare the employment expenses must provide the employer signed T2200 form and collate summary of all claims incurred by the receipt of rental housing, rental income certificate

Deductible expenses and the corresponding certificate:
T2202A: I, spouses and children of full-time or half-day school tuition and books, and their children to private primary and secondary costs
To pay child care expense vouchers
Payment of rent and land tax certificate
Himself and his family pay the medical expenses of the certificate, including the purchase of medical insurance costs
Buy RRSP's receipt
Certificate of rental housing each expense
Moving expenses

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