About Us

Niu Jun, of more than 15 years of financial industry experience. The prestigious MBA graduates, many years of experience in business management. The last eight years, continue to study and practice of value investing, won its essence. In Toronto, Canada to provide customers with investment banking advice and management funding. Niu Jun and his team can provide the following services:

First, investment advice and planning

Second, tax advice and planning

Third, the estate planning

Fourth, retirement planning

Fifth, insurance planning

Six overseas to declare their assets and large overseas transfer of assets

Our goal is, on the premise of ensuring the safety of customer funds, so that clients' assets steady compounded growth. Years of experience, we realized that, asset management and financial advice to clients what a dirty little secret at all. Can also say that the biggest secret is no secret. Numerous and complex environment, the ability to withstand the temptation to avoid the lost self, which insists he should stick to things, is the essence of asset management and financial success.